Doing the task of making money is a phrase that is no longer strange to those who participate in making money online, freelancers.
Tasks are divided into many categories, from simple to complex.Today I will introduce about Picoworkers – one of the reputable task sites that the mmo community around the world participates in and appreciates quite a lot.
Personally, I find the tasks on Picoworkers quite simple, suitable for people of all levels, especially newbies who are new to making money online.

1. What are Picoworkers?

Picoworkers is an intermediary website – a meeting place between people who hire other people to do tasks and people who do tasks – based in California, USA. The jobs on Picoworkers are all online
Thus, there are two groups of people looking to Picoworkers: task hirers and task workers. In this article, I refer to the second group, ie the people who do the task of making money on Picoworkers

2. Specifically, what are the tasks on Picoworkers

Pico offers a variety of tasks for you to work on, from simple to complex. I will list this below, it includes:

Sign up for an account
Search on search engines and click
Jobs related to video sharing networks (Youtube, vimeo, vevo…)
Rate, vote, rate
Answer questions/Forums
Comments on blogs
Write a review of a product/service
Phone app
There are many jobs for you to choose from. Another plus point for Pico is that the number of tasks is very large and new tasks are updated continuously, so you do not have to worry about missing tasks to do like other sites. This is possible due to the large number of people joining Picoworkers.

3. What is the price for each task?

Depending on how simple or complex the task is, the price for each task ranges from $0.05-$0.5. Income from Picoworkers is unlimited, the more tasks you complete, the more money you get.

4. Minpay and other payment methods

As soon as you earn $5.4, you can withdraw your money. There are currently 2 payment methods via e-wallets via Paypal and Skrill; and pay with cryptocurrencies.

5. Instructions to register an account on Picoworker to receive free $0.5

You can watch video for more easy way

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