PayPal is simply understood as an intermediary service for international payments and money transfers over the Internet. With PayPal, you can pay when shopping online abroad or receive payments from oaround the wolrd.

It can be considered as an electronic wallet or similar to Internet Banking of banks: you can transfer – withdraw to another PayPal account, pay for online purchases if the seller supports Paypal, or receive money. international payments.

PayPal was founded in 1998, headquartered in San Jose, California, USA. Founded by Peter Thiel. PayPal operates on e-commerce via the Internet, and it charges a fee when you transfer or withdraw money.

Benefits of using PayPal:

Extremely secure payment system.
Wide network of systems, used all over the world quickly and conveniently.
Safe transaction for both seller and buyer (the feature can claim the money back after sending money to another account when scammed).
Good and fast customer service support.
Limit disclosure of bank account information, because each time you make a payment, you do not have to enter an international payment card number (VISA, Mastercard) because you provided PayPal when registering to create an account.

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