Duplinow is a website that allows you to earn coins completely automatically, and for free, just log in once a day to start the miner, the rest of the tasks will automatically mine coins for you!


  • They have “MACHINES” – virtual factory that will produce coins every minute which are exchangeable for real money.
  • You will earn money(coins) automatically, you only have to enter once a day to turn on that machines.

*You need coins to buy these machines(virtual factory), to be able to run it and produce more coins. You can top up coins using payeer & coinpayments

*You need to buy at least one machine to be able to withdraw, 432 coins is lowest machine cost, they’ve several machines with increasing profits. Higher machines – higher profits. once bought, lifetime earnings.

500 coins to new users, so they can buy basic machine which only cost 432 coins.

Others way of earning:

1.From offerwalls: wannadas, offertoro etc.

  1. Daily bonus= 10 coins

They’ve referral program too.

Minimum withdraw $0.02,
Exchange rate: 200 coins= $0.02
Instant withdraw via payeer, doge, bitcoin also available.

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