In the past week, the price of dogecoin has risen 117%. This is a very impressive number for this potential cryptocurrency!
This is the 2nd biggest price increase in 2021. the first is in February 2021.
You can see the price chart of dogecoin on coinmarketcap.

You see it is not easy that such a low value coin is ranked 10th in coinmarketcap
In my opinion, the price of this coin will not stop at the current number, but it will go much further in this year 2021.
And for now, I have quite a bit of dogecoin stored. as well as a number of other coins with potential.

Are you ready to invest in this cryptocurrency?
If you want it, without having to invest, I share with you a few ways that you can earn free dogecoin below:
Here are some of the websites where you can earn free dogecoin:

  • Faucetdog: This website you can earn free doge by do manual facucet, auto faucet, click ads, and do simple task and shortlink.
    You can easy earn around 1 to 10 dogecoin with this website and minpay is 3$ dogecoin , and you can withdraw to your dogecoin wallet.
  • Neobits/claimdoge: This website you can click and receive dogecoin directly to your faucetpay wallet.
    Daily you have 50 claims, and you can clam every 5 minutes. You can earn up to 1 doge per claim
  • Muiltifaucet/dogecoin: This website you can click and earn dogecoin directly to your expresscryto wallet.
    Daily you have 30 clams, no waiting time.

P/S: Above are personal opinions as well as sharing about dogecoin, hope this information will be useful to you. Good luck!

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