Adsterra is an advertising network founded in 2013, still operating and paying regularly for members. Adsterra has many forms of advertising to make money, so this can be said to be a great choice for bloggers to make money online in this form.

  1. Advantages and disadvantages of Adsterra
  • Advantages
  • There are many forms of advertising such as pop up, banner, web push, social bar…
  • Accept all kinds of free blogs/webs like blogspot, workpress…
  • Accept all sites 18+
  • High rate, accept both CPM and CPC forms
  • Simple browsing conditions, fast browsing time
  • Pay easily, automatically, 2 times in 1 month when enough minpay
  • Defect
  • Minpay is quite high, if you withdraw with paypal or bitcoin, minpay 100$
  • Banner sometimes fails, does not display ads regularly
    As an ad network we always try to fill 100% of publishers traffic, matching requirements of advertisers with available traffic.
    CPM rate is calculated by the system individually for each website and depends on traffic quality. It’s also based on many parameters: GEO, ad formats, seasonality, etc.
    Publisher’s CPM often depends on impressions, clicks, and conversions: if an ad is being displayed many times, but resulting in few sales, an advertiser will pay a lower CPM to account for the low-quality traffic.
    Popunder traffic rocks 24/7!

If you launch CPA campaigns, you can’t miss the moment — enormous volumes of mobile and desktop traffic with low competition are here:

India — Android — 69,4M impressions weekly
Best for: Subscribes, Gambling, VPN, Utilities, Antivirus

Brazil — Android — 32,8M impressions weekly
Best for: Apps, Antivirus, Utilities, Subscribes, VPN

Japan — Windows — 19,2M impressions weekly
Verticals: Adult (SOI), Push subscription, Software, Games

Germany — Windows — 18M impressions weekly
Best for: Extensions, Games, Software

Italy — Windows — 13,1M impressions weekly
Verticals: Sweepstakes, Push subscription, Games, Extensions, Software

France — Windows — 11,1M impressions weekly
Best for: Games, Software, Push subscription, Extensions

Traffic — Popunder

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